Tuesday, 2 August 2005

Opening Rant

Ok. I know the first questions on everyone's minds are: "Who the hell is Tommy and why should we give a shit what he has to rant about?". Well, there is probably no easy answer to the latter, so I'll do what I can to answer the first one.

Who is Tommy?
Short answer: I'm a software engineer/musician in Atlanta, Georgia with a family and an attitude. I see and read things in the course of my day that make me want to scream, and, since public screaming is frowned upon in most places, I decided to contain my rants to these pages. My sense of humor is quite biting at times and can be downright mean-spirited, and I intend to pull no punches in my rants. This should make for an interesting comment section, as I have some decidedly non-mainstream views on some touchy subjects, including, but not limited to: religion, politics, society, and the media. I hope you will enjoy reading what I have to say, even if you don't agree. I also hope you will leave comments so I can tell just how many people think I'm a raving lunatic and how many are just as twisted as I am.

Why Should I Read This Blog?
Well, maybe you shouldn't. But, if you are brave enough to test the waters of the Gulf of Tommy, you will be rewarded in one of two ways. One, you may just find out that you agree with some of my views and are glad to know you aren't the only one who feels the same about a particular subject. Two, you will get a chance to rebut my statements and tell the world (at least the part of the world that reads my blog) just what an ass you think I am.

So, anyway, thanks for visiting my blog, and I hope you have an enriching experience, either positive or negative. Now...on to the ranting!

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