Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Main 10 Ways to Tell on the off chance that You are a Christian

10 - You overwhelmingly preclude the presence from securing a great many divine beings guaranteed by different religions, however feel offended when somebody precludes the presence from claiming yours. 

9 - You feel offended and "dehumanized" when researchers say that individuals developed from other life structures, however you have no issue with the bible based claim that we were made from DIRT. 

8 - You chuckle at polytheists, however you have no issue having faith in a triune god. 

7 - Your face turns purple when you become aware of the "barbarities" credited to Allah, however you don't even jump when catching wind of how God/Jehovah butchered all the children of Egypt in "Departure" and requested the end of whole ethnic gatherings in "Joshua" including ladies, kids, and trees! 

6 - You chuckle at Hindu convictions that worship people, and Greek guarantees about divine beings resting with ladies, yet you have no issue accepting that the blessed soul impregnated Mary, who then conceived a man-god who got murdered, returned to life and afterward climbed into the sky. 

5 - You are eager to use your life searching for little provisos in the logically settled time of Earth (few billion years), however you don't discover anything the matter with accepting dates recorded by Bronze Age tribesmen sitting in their tents and speculating that Earth is a couple of eras old. 

4 - You accept that the whole populace of this planet except for the individuals who impart your convictions - however barring those in all opponent organizations - will use Eternity in a boundless Hell of Suffering. But consider your religion the most "tolerant" and "adoring." 

3 - While advanced science, history, topography, science, and material science have neglected to persuade you generally, some numbskull moving around on the floor talking in "tongues" may be all the confirmation you have to "demonstrate" christianity. 

2 - You characterize 0.01% as a "high achievement rate" regarding the matter of addressed supplications to God. You consider that to be confirmation that petition to God meets expectations. What's more you feel that the staying 99.99% FAILURE was essentially the will of god. 

1 - You really know a ton short of what numerous skeptics and rationalists do about the biblical canon, christianity, and church history - yet at the same time call yourself a christian